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Driving School FAQs


When will I know I'm test ready?

Your driving instructor will assess you and advise you when you are ready to take your driving test. They know your ability and what you're capable of and they know what's required of you to pass the test.

How many lessons will I need?

This is a 'how long is a piece of string' question! Everyone is different and everyone learns at different paces. It is said that between 40 and 50 hours is "average" but it could be less it could be more. There's no benefit or insurance discount to passing quickly! Just take your lessons until you are a safe and confident driver who can ace that test!

How do I book my test?

You can book your driving test online at or by calling 0300 200 1122. You will need your theory pass reference number and your driver licence number. Your test will cost £62.

How do I move or cancel my test if I need to?

You can move your driving test up to 6 times before having to pay again. If you need to cancel your test you can do and can get a refund as long as it's 3 working days before the booked date.

What car will I take my driving test in?

You can take your test in any car but ordinarily it's your instructors car, which you have been learning in. You can do it in your own car if you wish but you will need to display L plates and provide a rear view mirror for the examiner.

What do I need to take with me to my test?

You need to take your provisional driving license and your theory test pass certificate. And obviously the car!

What if my details on my provisional licence aren't up to date?

If you have had a change of name or address since getting your provisional licence, you can change these details through the website. You should get these correct before the date of your driving test.

Does my driving instructor come on my test with me?

This is entirely up to you. The examiner will ask you if you would like your instructor to sit in the back throughout your test. If so, that's fine but if you'd rather go alone then say so. If your instructor doesn't come along, you will be asked if you want them there at the end of the test to listen to the results.

If your instructor does sit in on the test, please bear in mind they cannot say anything, or get involved in your test in any way. They cannot change or contest the decisions of the examiner.

How long is the test?

The driving test is approximately 40 minutes long. This includes the eye test and the show me tell me questions.

What can I fail on?

You can make a serious or dangerous fault during your test. If you get one or the other of there's it's an instant fail. A dangerous mark will be given if there is danger to you, the examiner or the public.

A serious mark will be given if you do something that is potentially dangerous.

A minor mark will be given if you do something which isn't potentially dangerous once or twice but could become dangerous if you keep doing it.

How many minor marks can I get?

You can get up to and including 14 minor marks.

If I'm unsuccessful on my test can I rebook straight away?

You can rebook to take your test again but it must be 10 working days after the date of your first attempt.


Do I need my provisional licence before I start my lessons?

Yes. You will need to take your provisional licence on your first lesson to show your instructor.

How much are driving lessons?

All driving schools and instructors vary in price for either single lessons or block bookings and offers. We charge from £26 per hour.

Can I have as many lessons as I like?

Yes. These arrangements are between you and your instructor but most pupils have 1 lesson per week. If you require more and your instructor has the availability you can as many hours as you can both fit in!

Do I need to have passed my theory test before I start my lessons?

No you can start your lessons and be preparing and revising for your theory at the same time. Sometimes this helps as the practical driving along with the help of your instructor can help with the theory questions and the decisions on your hazard perception test.

Can I learn in my own car?

Ordinarily you will learn in your instructors car which has the correct adaptations such as dual control pedals, extra mirrors, learner signage etc, along with the correct insurance cover. But yes if you would like to use your own car, speak to your instructor about this and they may be happy to teach you in your own vehicle.

Where will I be picked up from and dropped off?

Again, this is between you and your instructor but usually it's collection from home/ work/ college and drop off similar. Speak to your instructor and arrange this between you.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Most instructors will take a cash payment on the day of the lesson. Sometimes a bank transfer can be easier if you both online bank.

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