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Getting Started with Driving Lessons

Although obvious you must first get yourself a Provisional Driving Licence. Your Instructor will ask to see this before you start your first lesson, and may ask to see an entitlement to drive using a 'check code'.

You must be at least seventeen years old to drive a motor car on the road, but you can apply provisional driving licence from 15yrs and 9 months.

Decide what type of transmission you want to use, that means a manual gearbox, or an automatic gearbox. If you pass with an automatic gearbox you will not get a licence to use a normal manual gearbox car, but a manual gearbox pass means you are authorised to use both.

Get in touch with us using the mobile phone number '07834762642' or with the contact us form on this website.

Book your first lesson. Remember some basic requirements like, sensible footwear (no flipflops etc), spectacles if you need them to drive (check with your optician if you're not sure).

Learn the 'highway code' well in advance of your lessons. This will help a speedy progress to passing the test.

Find 'driving games for learners' on the internet. There are quite a few different ones. Most will give a little insight to help you along the way to a full licence'

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